Halal Friendly Services

What we Do?
With India rising as one of the best service provider in Hospital sector and at reduced cost, we see rise in number of overseas patients opting for care at Indian Hospitals. Also, there is an increase in number of Muslim patients opting India for availing these services. Halal compliant hospital is the one that fulfills the needs of Muslims traveler from Middle East & OIC countries. These Hospitals are usually benchmarked and adopt a certain standard, law and legislation, in order to be certified as Halal compliant and we ensure that the Hospitals certified fulfill the criteria set forth by Halal standards.

The Process
The process of applying for Halal Certification is simple, with the submission of Application and relevant documents followed by Document Review & On site Audit and there after the Decision by Certification Decision Committee, we ensure a smooth and hassle free process, with complete transparency throughout.

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