Our Pricing

  1. For the Certification activities fees will be charged for :
    • Initial Certification
    • Surveillance assessments
    • Extension / amendment of Scope
    • Special services
  2. The fees for individual category listed above are stated in tables of this fee schedule.
  3. Fee details will vary for multi-site certification.
  4. Fee details for surveillance or extension / amendment of scope will incur costs as per applicable services provided by HAS.
  5. Additional expenses will be charged separately, e.g. based on:
    • Amendment of the scope after completion of the assessment activity
    • Missed appointments
    • Follow-up assessments
  6. For postponing an already agreed on-site assessment, an allowance will be charged separately. Furthermore, the cancellation costs for already booked transportation will be charged.
  7. Payment is payable upon receipt of invoice.
  8. Re-certification will be considered as a new assessment activity and will be charged accordingly.
  9. The mentioned fee details will be applicable only for producers / service providers in India.
  10. HAS reserves the right to amend the fees in individual cases. Clients will be informed in writing.