Training Program

We have developed a series of program for all those working in Corporate Industries and Manufacturing Sector, be it a Matriculate or Graduate, covering different aspects of Halal, in a way that could be easily understood at all levels.

  • Halal Awareness Program
  • Halal Internal Compliance Executive (Internal Auditor)
  • Halal Conformity officer – Lead Auditor
  • Person In-Charge (Food Handlers)
  • Certified Abattoir Supervisor
  • Certified Abattoir Slaughterman
  • Halal product development training
  • Diploma Course in Halal Management System

Who Should Apply?

  1. Individuals or Entities operating Animal Slaughterhouses for export
  2. Manufacturers or traders of the following products intended for the GCC market:
    • a.Meat products
    • b.Products with long shelf life period
    • c.Cosmetics and Personal Care products
    • d.Gelatine
  3. Food Services:
    • a. Hotels and Restaurants
    • b. In-flight Operations and Catering
  4. Other Services
    • a. Medical Tourism – Hospitals and patient care centers
    • b. Halal Friendly Tourism

More about Halal Training Programs

The Training program of HAS cater to all target audiences, ranging from general public to Industrial Professionals, and to anyone with an interest to learn about Halal. The comprehensive Training Program cover the Halal guidelines and aspects, Halal certification process, Halal market, Halal food & consumerism as well as food safety and quality. Halal Asia Services follows stringent parameters to certify its clients based on GSO, MS (standards) to uphold the values of the consumers. Our certified industries have continually developed to meet the standards set forth by HAS from time to time and HAS provides the necessary transition through its regular training programs.

The courses are dynamically designed to bridge the knowledge gap and enlighten the compliance requirements set forth by the regulatory bodies like ESMA, JAKIM, MUI, and MUIS. HAS training team effectively studies and designs the training interventions that is required for individual companies to get acquainted for the certification standards.

HAS training program imparts the required knowledge to comply with the certification standards and it also shares Industrial best practices and the market scenario and supports its clients to reap the maximum benefit with substantial effort.The training provides the individual with integrated knowledge and skills for the role of supervisor or management to work in any industry.

What is the benefit?

HAS training program provides the individual with integrated knowledge and skills for the role of supervisor or management within the industry.

  • Analyze the industry and identify the requirements for Halal Certification
  • Design a System that assures compliance with Halal Standards
  • Integrate Halal System with that of the existing Management System be it Quality or Food Safety
  • Identify the documentation necessary for Halal certification and prepare the same
  • Serve as a tool in identifying CCP with respect to Halal
  • Set up the unit for different Audit Stages
  • Grow professionally

The concept of Halal would cover Quality, Safety and Hygiene as well. Hence, the fundamentals of Halal training program at higher levels, would include concepts of Food Safety, GMP, HACCP, Accreditation, Standards available for Food Safety & Halal etc. not restricted to Halal alone.

Who should attend?

  • HACCP Team Leader & Members
  • Department Managers
  • Statutory Policymakers & Enforcement Officers
  • Conformity & Compliance Officers
  • Food safety Auditors
  • Researchers & Students
  • Business Development Professionals
  • Management Representatives
  • Consumers




Training Programs


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