Halal is an Arabic word meaning lawful or permitted. It is a vast concept applied to every facet of human life. In relation to Food & Consumables, it means those Foods or Drinks that are lawful or permitted, as per Islamic laws, to be consumed .

As per the UAE regulation for Control on Halal Products 2014, only Halal Certificates issued by a body approved by Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) shall be valid. For more details refer: https://www.esma.gov.ae/en-us/Media-Center/Lists/MediaKit/Attachments/17/UAE%20Regulations%20for%20Control%20on%20Halal%20Products.pdf

Halal Asia Services LLP is an Accredited Product Certification Body as per ISO 17065 and Accredited Halal Certification Body as per GSO 2055-2. We operate as per the requisite norms and are transparent throughout the process. We have global recognition because of the standards we follow.

Halal certification from an approved Certification Body shall provide you with an authentic and recognised Certificate that shall enhance the marketability of your products and help you meet the importing countries requirements as well.

Yes, Halal requirement must be fulfilled for all Cosmetics & Personal Care Products, since these products come into direct contact with us and any such product shall not be made from non-halal sources.

We have an established team of Certified Lead Auditors for Food Safety & Halal. The Audit team shall be a composite of minimum One Food Safety Auditor & One Halal Auditor.

Indeed Yes. The new Halal Certification process is based on ISO standards of awarding Certification. Hence, each and every step mimics the normal ISO certification. Refer the document for Process Flow:

No. Halal Certification is not mandatory for all countries. It is voluntary requirement in certain countries. However, the benefits of Halal certification is far more and gives you advantage over your competitor. Be quick and apply before they do.

Having Halal certificate from a recognized and approved Certification Body shall only help you in exports and regional sales. Certificates issued by entities without any recognition shall be considered as counterfeit or fake and might damage the reputation of your concern. Be wise and choose wisely.

Simple. Mail us your requirements at contactus@halal-asia.com or contact our Service Team at 91 75500 29996. We are always available at your service.