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HNM – Halal National Mark

Based on resolution No (10) issued by the Federation Cabinet in 2014, Halal products and services in the UAE will be required to secure Halal National Mark to the prove they are shariah-complaint.

SASO – Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization

All products exported to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, require a Certificate of Confirmity (SASO CoC) to enable them to be cleared through Saudi Customs.

EQM – Emirates Quality Mark

Product Certification scheme involving evaluation of the product as well as QMS through testing and inspection.

SQM – Saudi Quality Mark

A mark issued indicating confirmity of the product to the relevant Saudi technical regulations or Saudi standards.

ECAS – Emirates Conformity Assessment Scheme

Certification program prescribes requirements for product quality and safety for products designed for consumer use.

How to Apply?

  1. Application to Halal Asia Services
    • Documents required
      • Declaration of conformity
      • Table of Ingredients/Raw Materials
      • Table of Finished Products
      • Copy of Halal Certificate for Ingredients/Raw Materials or Copy of Product Specification
      • Manufacturing Process Flow Chart and Production procedure
      • Label Artworks
      • Test Reports
      • Proof of effective implementation of FSMS/GMP or HACCP
  2. Payment of Fees
  3. Conformity Assessment
    • Document Review
    • Factory Audit
    • Product Testing
  4. Corrective Action
  5. Issuance of Certificate




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